Can you afford not to be covered?

Accidents and incidents occur every day, in every part of the state often when we least expect it.


In 2016/17 Ambulance Victoria:

  • Responded to 854,607 incidents by road and air,
  • Provided care to 676,176 Victorians, and
  • 7,000 more code 1 patients received an emergency Ambulance within 15 minutes.

Ambulance Victoria membership cover gives you protection against the cost of world class emergency and clinically necessary non-emergency treatment and transport services delivered by highly skilled and dedicated paramedics, aided by state-of-the-art equipment and resources. Specifically it includes:

  • All emergency road ambulance transport.
  • All MICA (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance) attendance and treatment.
  • All emergency air ambulance and clinically necessary non-emergency air ambulance.
  • All ambulance treatment when transport is not required.
  • The same level of cover for ambulance treatment and transport services provided interstate as are covered back in Victoria.
  • All clinically necessary non-emergency patient transport.


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What am I covered for?

Please view the Ambulance Victoria Business Rules


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Note: Members not residing in Victoria should contact their local Ambulance Service provider regarding ambulance cover in their respective state or territory. Latrobe is an agent of Ambulance Victoria and is authorised to accept new subscriptions and subscription payments on behalf of Ambulance Victoria.