Know you're covered

Know you're covered

Know what you're covered for!

In today’s ever changing world, balancing the family budget can be a daunting task. For many it involves the ongoing assessment of one’s regular bills and, if possible, finding an alternative provider that saves money yet still delivers in quality. Health insurance is no exception.


To meet the ever rising cost of health care, health insurance funds have needed to regularly increase premiums at a greater pace than the overall national CPI rate. As a consequence, many health fund members have reassessed their current health cover and looked at how they can reduce such rising costs. In response to this dilemma, and with the goal to reduce premiums and therefore minimise membership loss, health insurance funds have increasingly introduced hospital cover with exclusions.

Exclusions refer to many common procedures not being covered within a hospital policy. Cardiac/heart surgery, cataract and joint replacement procedures, to name a few, are common exclusions. There is no doubt such hospital policies offer cover at reduced premiums – but what has happened to the quality of the product?


A fundamental reason why private health insurance is purchased is for the peace of mind and security* it offers the member and their loved ones.


Do these exclusionary policies meet this need or provide this assurance?
At Latrobe, we have always believed in never losing focus of this fundamental reason. We can confidently claim that we have delivered on that goal by ensuring most  of Latrobe’s hospital policies do not include exclusions

We say – never compromise your health or that of a loved one. Think about it.


* Source: IPSOS syndicated survey 2015

 No exclusions applies to Medicare recognised treatments only