Loyal Members

Loyal Members

LM: Top hospital with a reducing excess.

Choosing the right hospital cover

We know that health insurance can be complicated. To ensure that you make an informed decision selecting a hospital cover product, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions that affect Latrobe memberships, claims, waiting periods, benefit defaults and limitations. If you have any questions about what the terms and conditions mean or how they might affect you, please contact us

To view our range of hospital cover products or measure how they fit your budget requirements, please use our compare products and quick quote tools.


Under our Loyal Members cover, a reducing excess is payable for all hospital admissions for the first four years.


Year 1 $300 excess
Year 2 $250 excess
Year 3 $200 excess
Year 4 $150 excess
After the fourth year pay no excess!

How does the excess work?

If you go to hospital, you pay an excess towards the cost of your same day/overnight hospital stay.

On a single membership, you pay the excess only once in any membership year. Families or couples pay the excess only for the first two hospital episodes in any membership year.

And, of course, you will always continue to enjoy the benefits of our most comprehensive cover at a substantially lower cost.

When the hospital cost is less than
your excess:

You must pay all hospital costs for your treatment.

This does not count towards your excess if you have subsequent hospital treatments in the same year.

The excess does not apply to in-patient medical gap claims which are still covered even if the hospital costs are lower than the excess.

Special benefits

  • The reducing excess is not affected by claims.
  • Pay less without reducing benefits.
  • Your reward is that for each year you have Loyal Members cover, the amount of the excess reduces and after four consecutive years, there is no excess to pay.


By selecting Loyal Members cover, you will have the security of Top Hospital cover as detailed below, with a reducing excess.


What is covered in hospital?

Private or shared room In a private hospital you have the choice of a private or shared room. However, private rooms are subject to availability on admission.
Accommodation charges Covers your room, theatre, intensive care, labour and recovery ward fees, medicines and drugs clinically required as part of your in-patient treatment.
365 days accommodation cover For admissions longer than 35 consecutive days, your cover continues when your doctor provides an ongoing Acute Care Certificate.
Day procedures Day procedures now account for more than half of all hospital treatment, such as knee arthroscopies, chemotherapy and cataract surgery.
Surgically implanted prostheses All prostheses are covered in accordance with the Commonwealth Prostheses Listing.
Major surgery Coronary/heart procedures, joint replacement, cataract surgery are just some of the major procedures covered.
Delivery and pregnancy related services In-patient services directly related to childbirth such as antenatal services, complications of pregnancy, delivery and post natal care.
Assisted reproductive services Benefits for services provided in hospital to assist conception such as IVF and GIFT.
Psychiatric care In-hospital treatment and programs for mental health disorders.
Rehabilitation Treatment to restore self-sufficiency following an illness or injury usually in specialist centres and hospitals.
Supported discharge The supported discharge program is designed to provide an alternative to inpatient bed days. This program provides a wide range of services that assist members to be discharged from hospital to a safe and supported environment.
Private midwife at a hospital birth Services of a qualified private midwife instead of an obstetrician. Up to $450 per hospital birth.
Your personal comforts In participating private hospitals, your cover includes the cost of local phone calls and TV hire. There are times due to treatment guidelines when access to individual TV hire is limited to a common room; personal in-room TV hire will not be covered in this circumstance. Please note WiFi internet connections and Pay TV are NOT covered and any issues relating to charges for these items should be discussed with the hospital.
In-hospital medical gap cover Medicare pays 75% of the Medicare Benefit Schedule Fee for in-hospital medical charges and Latrobe pays the remaining 25%.
Just Ask!® medical gap cover Additional medical benefits to reduce or eliminate the gap for in-hospital medical charges higher than the Medicare Benefit Schedule Fee.

What is not fully covered in hospital?

Treatment not covered by Medicare ie. procedures that do not have a benefit payable under the Medicare Benefit Schedule (refer to default benefits and other limited benefits for further clarification). Accommodation charges may not be fully covered in a non-participating private hospital.


Combine Top Hospital cover with any of Latrobe's extras cover products for a total health care package and peace of mind.