Healthy Start

Healthy Start

ST: A public hospital and extras package with limited private hospital cover, designed for young active singles.

Choosing the right health cover

We know that health insurance can be complicated. To ensure that you make an informed decision when selecting a hospital cover product, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions that affect Latrobe memberships, claims, waiting periods, benefit defaults and limitations. If you have any questions about what the terms and conditions mean or how they might affect you, please contact us

To view our range of hospital cover products or measure how they fit your budget requirements, please use our compare products and quick quote tools.


By selecting our Healthy Start cover, you will have two levels of hospital cover; public and limited private hospital cover.


What is covered in a public hospital?

You are covered in a public hospital and can choose your own doctor.

Accommodation in a shared room

Covers your room, theatre, intensive care and recovery ward fees, medicines and drugs clinically required as part of your in-patient treatment.
Cover is for a shared room; if you choose a private room, you will pay the extra cost. Otherwise, all your hospital charges will be covered for all procedures.

In-hospital medical gap cover

Medicare pays 75% of the Medicare Benefit Schedule Fee for in-hospital medical charges and Latrobe pays the remaining 25%.

Just Ask!® medical gap cover

Additional medical benefits to reduce or eliminate the gap for in-hospital medical charges higher than the Medicare Benefit Schedule Fee.

Surgically implanted prostheses

All prostheses are covered in accordance with the Commonwealth Prostheses Listing.


What is not fully covered in a public hospital?

Treatment not covered by Medicare ie. procedures that do not have a benefit payable under the Medicare Benefit Schedule (refer to default benefits and other limited benefits for further clarification).


Cover in a private hospital is restricted to the following
specified procedures:

Knee operations – arthroscopy and meniscectomy

Removal of appendix, tonsils, adenoids or wisdom teeth

Dilation and curette where no other procedure is performed

Any immediate treatment as a result of an accident. This does not include any subsequent treatment.


What is not fully covered in a private hospital?

Treatment not covered by Medicare i.e. procedures that do not have a benefit payable under the Medicare Benefit Schedule.

Default benefits will apply to the cost of any admission, other than for the procedures specified above. Significant out-of-pocket costs will be incurred if your admission is not for a specified procedure. We strongly recommend that you contact us prior to any hospital admission.


Healthy Start extras cover detail

 Extras cover details

Years of membership

Maximum benefit

Personal limit

Membership limit

 Limited general dental

 Specified items including diagnostics, most
 preventative services, extractions, restorations

1+     - $500 $1000

 Other dental

 Treatment resulting from an accident

- $250 Per accident Per accident

 A combined limit applies to Chiropractic and Osteopathy


 Initial consultation

- $26 - -

 Subsequent consultations

- $19 - -

 Chiropractic X-rays

- $28 One One

 Initial consultation

- $25 - -

 Subsequent consultations

- $17 - -
 Combined limit: - - $250 $500


 Initial consultation

- $27 - -

 Subsequent consultations

- $22 - -

 Group physiotherapy/hydrotherapy consultation

- $9 per class - -
 Combined limit: - - $300 $600


 Includes spectacles and repairs, contact lenses.
 Excludes sunglasses not containing an optical

- $125 $125 -

 Mouth guards

 Supplied by a dentist or dental technician

- $55 $55 -

 Ambulance subscription rebate

 Limit one family subscription or
 two single subscriptions
 when paid voluntarily, but not
 as a state tax or levy


$22 single




$44 family



 Travel insurance discount

 On policies purchased through Latrobe

- - 25% 25%


Information last reviewed: 1 July 2015