Choosing an extras cover

Choosing an extras cover

Information to help you decide which extras cover best matches your needs and budget.

Choosing the right extras cover

We know that health insurance can be complicated. To make an informed decision on the selection of an extras cover product, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions that affect Latrobe memberships, claims, waiting periods and limitations. If you have any questions at all about what the terms and conditions mean or how they might affect you, please contact us.

To view our range of extras cover products or measure how they fit your budget requirements, please use our compare products and quick quote tools.

Extras with or without hospital cover

Not just for the lumps and bumps

Mention private health insurance and many people think about the likelihood of a trip to hospital. But, in fact, you are much more likely to visit your dentist, be treated by a physiotherapist or head off to the optometrist for glasses when the world around you gets a little blurry. In record numbers, Australians are using the skills of alternative therapists to help them deal with the pressures of modern life.

You may need an asthma appliance, blood glucose monitor or perhaps a hearing aid, but no matter what your needs, from basic to extensive, an extras cover will contribute towards the cost of services that are so important to your health and wellbeing.

Compare our extras cover products to find the best match for you. If you're still not sure, please contact us and we'll guide you through the different options.

Our extras cover products can be combined with your preferred Latrobe hospital cover, and many are available as a stand-alone extras cover.